Planning for the Financial Security of St. Gregory the Great School

“A Gift of a Lifetime”
A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…
but the world may be different
because I was in the life of a child.
Author Unknown

The Mission of Catholic Education

Catholic Education is the most effective means of ensuring the growth of the Catholic Church. Providing this education at the elementary school level has been the privilege and mission of this parish.  The faith community of this parish is committed to the educational and religious formation of its young people.
The school promotes and teaches the person and the message of Jesus Christ, so that each student becomes a disciple and continues to promote those values for the future growth of the Catholic Church.
The Endowed Scholarship Program  allows you to sponsor the education of many children by providing a fund, in your name, family or friends’ name, that will generate income each year to assist students and parents in need to meet the cost of their education in our school.

How Does It Work?

You may establish an Endowed Scholarship in your name, your family name, in honor or in memory of a Priest, Sister or Teacher; on the occasion of a death, wedding anniversary, birthday or promotion.
Your gift will be held in a trust perpetually; only the net income earned on your gift will be used annually for scholarship assistance.
A minimum gift of $2,500 is required to receive recognition on the Endowed Scholarship Memorial Plaque.
Donors may restrict the yearly income to a special grade, for special education, gifted or remedial programs.
Donors may also choose to have the interest used by the school for any needy purpose.
Interest will be used only after the scholarship is totally funded.
Endowed Scholarship donors and their families will be remembered daily in the masses and prayers of the parish and school.

What Is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is simply any gift made with thought given as to how the gift will impact the donor’s financial and estate plans. Planned gifts are generally the easiest way to make the greatest impact on an institution. Different types of planned gifts achieve different objectives, such as minimizing current taxes, supporting an institution you care about while providing for your heirs, increasing current income or minimizing a future estate tax burden.

Ways to Give

Current Income – Cash or Check
Securities – Transferring Stocks in a corporation
Matching Gifts – Your gift is matched by your employer
Life Insurance – St. Gregory named as beneficiary
Trusts – Charitable remainder trusts, pooled incomes, donor advised fund and/or lead trusts
Retirement Plans – St. Gregory named as beneficiary
Bequest & Wills – Your attorney can assist

The Next Step Is Yours

You can be responsible for the education of many young people of the parish, today and for a long time into the future…..extending your generosity beyond your lifetime.  Your gift provides many young students with the opportunity to share in the benefits of a Catholic education and to take their place as responsible, well-educated, moral leaders for our church and our communities.

Your Commitment

If you wish to be part of this program, to provide for an ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP for your parish school, you are invited to discuss your gift with Donna Patruno Wells, Director of Development.

Memorial Plaque

A suitable plaque lists all Endowed Scholarships and is prominently displayed at St. Gregory the Great School.